Jennings Junior High School will provide an environment that emphasizes 21st century skills to empower students to be critical thinkers and self-determined citizens in a globally competitive society.
The Jennings School District was established in 1871, and is a growing school district with over 3,000 students. There are five elementary schools, two of which opened in 2000 and 2002; one junior high school and one high school, both of which have several new facilities. The Jennings School District has won two national awards for its effective use of instructional technology and has been recognized statewide as a leader in computers in the classroom. The Jennings School District is also recognized statewide for its strong staff development program for teachers and is one of the highest paying school districts for teachers' salaries in the state.


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JJH students attend the screening of "Harriet" at local theatres

Tue Nov 12 03:56 PM